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July 25, 2022
Do Dementia Patients See White?

Do people with dementia see the color white? The other day a professional caregiver friend of mine told me that those with dementia have difficulty with the color white. Although skeptical, this statement piqued my interest....

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Do people with dementia see the color white? 

The other day a professional caregiver friend of mine told me that those with dementia have difficulty with the color white.  Although skeptical, this statement piqued my interest. However, with some research, I found out more about this, and although there’s some truth there, it isn’t exactly correct. 

Over time changes occur in the brain of those afflicted with dementia. Some become more challenged than others in detecting shapes of the same hue.  In this episode, we dive into this a bit more, including how cognitive impairments impacted the world-famous artist, William de Kooning, as well as my good friend, and renowned kinetic sculptor Walter Einsel. After sustaining some stroke-involved brain damage, Walter used the book Drawing from the Right Side of the Brainto retrain his hands and mind to draw and work again.   

Art can also be a wonderful tool for our loved ones as they grow frailer.  We’ll share more tips on how art can be very therapeutic, and the joy of gaining special keepsakes that your loved ones can create.

Here are some tools and resources to help spark creativity:

Michael’s Art Supply Store will price match any other advertised price.  If you’re in the store and know of a price that’s lower elsewhere, show them the advertisement and you’ll get the discount.  Also, if you sign up for their free membership, you’ll get weekly updates on coupons and other price discounts. 

So that you and your new artists feel the part: a French (artist’s) beret.  I bought several of these for mom in different colors.  She loved them and they stirred up memories of the beige one she wore when we were growing up on Long Island.

If paints are too much for you, as a caregiver to manage, consider adult coloring books. Here are a few links to some fun, beautiful options, and coloring pens. 

Coloring pens. Many are small in width and difficult for anyone with neuropathy or arthritis to grip. The set below has an extra large barrel to aid with this physical dexterity challenge.  

Market drawing pad. This pad is supposed to eliminate the problem of marker pens bleeding through the paper to the next page. Bleed-through can waste paper and some of these pads are expensive. This one is a rather reasonable price and you'll be able to use every single page!

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